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What is Humanities and Social Science

This section deals with the scope and study of Humanities and social science as a discipline in India. Some of the important areas that have been covered in this section include the Scope of Humanities. different courses in Humanities / Studying Humanities in India is considered by many as not a very prospective option. Humanities offer a plethora of courses and career options for students after class 12. The important subjects under Humanities include:
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology and
  • Sociology

But before we deal with pertinent questions like why should one Study Humanities, Importance of Humanities, Careers in Social Science and Courses in Humanities, let us deal with the subject 'What is Humanities?'


What is Humanities

Though every stream and aspect of academics someway or the other casts impact on the society, the core scientific disciplines have an indirect bearing as their focus is primarily on to the scientific phenomena. At the same time, there are several disciplines where human beings and the society is the focus of study. Some are engaged in unraveling the past, some the other aspects of human being and society viz social, cultural, political, economic etc. Such disciplines are broadly referred in the ambit of Social Sciences or Humanities.

The systematic study of society and human relationships within society is referred as social science. It is considered as one of the oldest subjects that have a tremendous impact on society. Social sciences aim to understand human societies through scientific explanations. There are several disciplines where human beings and the society is the focus of study. Some are engaged in unraveling the past, some the other aspects of human being and society such as social, cultural, political, economic etc. These disciplines are broadly referred in the ambit of Social Sciences or humanities.

Social Science is the interdisciplinary study of gradual development of human society. It offers myriad disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and applied social studies such as social policy analysis and social work. The range of programs in Social Science is its strength. There is a consistent emphasis on students pursuing various social science courses to carry out in depth research and to critically challenge the world around them.

Subjects Under Humanities

Now, that you have a better understanding of Humanities, you should also know the social science subjects that you can study under Humanities like History, Economics, Political Science and English. To learn about these subjects and the scope it offers

Subjects in Humanities

Humanities is a broad academic field under which students study various types of human interactions, using methods that are largely analytical, critical or exploratory. But Humanities Honor’s is an interdisciplinary major drawing from literature, foreign languages, history, philosophy, visual art and music along with a tactic for the study of cultural and intellectual history. Humanities contains something explicit to explore in itself. As it serves several disciplines where human beings and the society focus on different kinds of studies.Humanities is also referred to ‘Integrated Humanities’ which states this stream as the study of these humanities subjects:
  1. History
  2. Geography with
  3. Religious Education
  4. Sociology
  5. Psychology
  6. Government and Politics and sometimes
  7. Law.

It is also regarded as the subject where many humanities courses are taught in lectures and seminars.Humanities Honors make the student pursue further graduation work in the humanity disciplines for teaching in public and private schools, government, technology, tourism and civil or foreign service. On the other hand thinking about the Humanities Department as a whole, it offers classes that expand students awareness to the human condition, thus the scope of humanities is huge

This section deals with the different subjects and courses in Humanities and the  scope in humanities stream offered at the graduation and post graduation level.

Educational structure in India

Humanities in India is taught at the school level as intermediate (10+2), College level as Bachelors and at the universities it’s taught to award Master degree and PhD. Apart from universities India has various institutes catering to any specific area of Humanities as well. Check out the career options for various subjects in humanities below:


School Level: Humanities in Intermediate level (10+2) is studied under Arts as a stream. Major subjects taught during intermediate are:

  • Political Science
  • Hindi ( depending upon the board )
  • History
  • Geography
  • English
  • Sociology etc

Graduation: Your can opt for various arts and humanities courses after completing 12 Arts for your Bachelor's degree:

  • BA in English
  • BA in History and
  • BA in Political Science.

Post graduate level: You can pursue your Masters in Arts in any Humanities subject after you complete your bachelor's degree in social science or humanities . You can pursue your post-graduation in subjects like:

  • MA in English Literature
  • MA in Linguistics
  • MA in Political Science or
  • MA in Economics.

Research (M Phil &PhD) level: There are several Universities across India which offers several specialization to excel with your Humanities career after completion of your humanities college courses

Careers in Arts & Humanities

Contrary to the belief, humanities offers a vast range of career options for students. Students who have completed their graduation in arts can opt for a variety of careers in humanities ranging from Assistant Administrative Officer, to Content Editors to Librarian. Careers in Arts are no longer the lesser cousins of careers after studying science or commerce. Careers in Social science are as lucrative and prestigious career options as their engineering and medical counterparts.

We have complied a list of career options in the Humanities and Social sciences streams.

Assistant Administrative Officer as a Career :

Life Insurance Corporation of India conducts a competitive examination for recruiting personals for the post of Assistant Administrative Officers. AAOs can select any of the areas from Administration, Development and Accounts. While the AAOs (Administration) manage policy making, policy claims up to certain limit, inspecting clauses and details, filing official returns and statements to higher regional offices etc. The Development AAOs is concerned with marketing and procurement of business, meeting prospective clients, endorsing the policies and receiving contracts. The Accounts AAOs manage the funds including incomes and expenses of the corporation.

Career in Agricultural Journalism :

Students in agricultural journalism take a core of courses including writing, editing, and senior seminar. They will take courses in Agricultural Journalism principles and professional skills. The skills courses students take include publications production, public relations, and Internet communications. Graduates are prepared to work in news/magazine, broadcast, public relations, advertising, or multimedia. Some will work in fields of digital cable and satellite communications.


Content Writers/Editors :

Content Writer/Editing requires skills that differentiate a good piece of written article from trash.

Development Programme Officer :

This field offers an exciting career prospects for those who want to engage themselves in community development programmes and are dedicated towards working for the society at the grass-roots level. For all those who are deeply concerned about the nation’s overall development, a career as Development Programme Officer offers exciting career prospects.

Career in Club Disc Jockey :

The making of a Club Disc Jockey requires the knowledge of the mood of the intended audience, the performance setting. A club disc jockey (or a DJ as is commonly called) is an individual who selects and plays pre-recorded music for an intended audience usually in a club setting, a neighborhood party or even a discotheque.

Career Options in Sociology :

Sociology seeks to understand and account for the complexities of human interaction and patterns of social life. Research institutes, the criminal justice system, public health and welfare organizations, private business, government, and international agencies employ sociologists. Students with a bachelor's degree often secure employment as research assistants, data analysts, case workers, paralegals, advertising managers and administrators. Researchers in a variety of nonacademic settings - federal, state, or local public agencies,business or industrial firms as well as private institutes are increasingly in demand.

Career Options in Geography :

Students often ask "What can I do with geography?" Geography offers several career options with numerous specializations like Cartography, Urban and Regional planning and Remote Sensing. Depending on their area of specialization, geographers may be employed as forest managers or in agricultural or economic institutes or as demographers in government and research organizations. A geography background is also an asset for careers in travel and tourism, particularly for travel Journalism.

Career in NGO:

NGO performs a variety of roles in our society and there is hardly any area which is left untouched by the NGOs, be it natural resources, finance, human settlements, social development, culture, education and energy.

Careers in Liberal arts :

Liberal arts offer a well-rounded exposure to lifelong skills that will enable you to adapt to new challenges and juggle diverse responsibilities effectively.

Career in Lectureship :

Considered as one of the noblest professions, it involves lot of research and hard work for teaching the students. One has to have a Master's degree in the concerned subject or should clear National Eligibility Test (NET) to qualify as a lecturer. However, Ph D is desirable.

Career Options in Anthropology :

Anthropology is a science, which studies the origin and the physical, social, and cultural development and behaviour of mankind. There are three main areas of employment for an Anthropologist, i.e., teaching, research and working in museums. Research jobs are available in organizations like Archaeological Survey of India, the Planning Commission as well as international organizations like the United Nation's UNESCO or UNICEF also require their services.

Career Options in Archaeology :

For those who are interested in knowing about the past.Archaeologist carry out various tasks like initial fieldwork, excavation of sites and their categorization besides dating and interpretation of excavated materials. Archaeologists manly try to find out the famous four Ws (What, When, Why, Where and How) with respect to the formation of past cultures and civilizations.

Law as a Career :

Law as a profession is in great demand these days. Due to the changing social and economic circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory role being undertaken by the government there is a rising demand for the lawyers.
Study of rules and regulations of the Indian Government.

Library Science as a Career :

Today, librarianship has emerged as a separate discipline and is among the popular choices of many students. A modern –day library today comprises of, periodicals, micro-films, videos, cassettes slides and most importantly thousands books.Library science is the profession which takes care of organizing, maintenance and storage of books in a library. Librarians are the guardian of library and they assist people in finding information.

Career Options in Psychology :

Aspirants who have successfully competed their training in psychology can make their mark in the lucrative branches of psychology like Clinical Psychology, Counseling, educational psychology or sports psychologist.

Psephology as a Career:

Psephologist or the professionals engaged in studying the election patterns and deviations. They make use of tools like past election’s facts and figures and public opinion polls to arrive at a conclusion. Their scope of job mainly encompasses analysis of aspects like trends in voting, swings in votes; number of votes polled or percentage of total votes polled translating into the number of seats in the government.

Research Assistant :

Candidates with post-graduation degree in Political Science or Public Administration can work as Research Assistants. The selected candidates are appointed as Research Assistant in Library Reference, Research, Documentation and Instrumentation Service (LARRDIS).


Teaching as a Career Choice:

Teaching has always held a place of pride in Indian social milieu and ethos. Mankind has always regarded teachers as a boon to the society because it’s only a teacher who by making use of his/ her intelligence, patience and wisdom attempts to not only polish the learner's intellect and aptitude but also takes steps to shape up a  multi-faceted  personality.

Career in Fine Arts :

Fine art professionals have a plethora of options to choose from. Various opportunities exist for them in various art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, fashion houses etc. Many professionals prefer to be freelance workers as freelancing gives them a freedom to try their hands on a variety of projects. One can also opt for fields like teaching, direction, photography, television, clothing and fashion besides working as art directors for magazines, on-line services, software companies, publishing houses,advertising, promotion and product design.


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