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Yıl sonuna kadar eğitim kataloğu, LMS kullanıcılarımıza %50 indrimli.

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Category: lms

Microlearning: Time to Divide Big Information into Small Parts!

Microlearning is an effective learning strategy that pushes the boundaries of the traditional education model and provides rapid access to information. This method aims to provide students with a more effective learning experience by presenting learning in short and focused modules. What is Microlearning? Microlearning, learning by breaking down large chunks of information into small, digestible pieces

What is LMS? Why is it necessary for institutions?

EDUCATION EXPERIENCE SYSTEM & CONTENT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN EDUCATION Implement your digital academy quickly and safely with the training experience/management system and micro learning content in digital transformation processes in education. You can request a live demo to test our LXP/LMS training management and experience systems. Request a Demo TRAINING CATALOGUE