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Category: Artificial intelligence

Microlearning: Time to Divide Big Information into Small Parts!

Microlearning is an effective learning strategy that pushes the boundaries of the traditional education model and provides rapid access to information. This method aims to provide students with a more effective learning experience by presenting learning in short and focused modules. What is Microlearning? Microlearning, learning by breaking down large chunks of information into small, digestible pieces

Artificial Intelligence & Socratic Method

Artificial Intelligence & Socratic Method Artificial Intelligence, which was first defined about 70 years ago, but has been developing rapidly for about 25 years, has reached a level that can educate us, the people who created it, today. So much so that he now thinks about how artificial intelligence can be a better trainer.

Aspect of Artificial Intelligence in Education

In today's increasingly modernized society, digital transformation continues at full speed. Thanks to the developing modern technology, changes are taking place in every field. Working models are also one of the areas where changes are taking place. Recently, working from home has become popular. Nowadays, thanks to the strong internet connection and other similar technological opportunities, many institutions and