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Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Zero waste aims to prevent waste generation. In cases where there is waste generation, it aims to minimize the amount of waste. Zero waste ensures that the wastes are collected separately in accordance with their types and recycled. In this way, it is an approach that is effective in creating a clean and livable future for living things.

Zero waste is an indispensable approach to ensure a clean environment where living things can live by ensuring the efficient use of resources. It is ensured that the amount of waste is minimized with zero waste, and that the waste materials are collected and recycled according to their types. Waste materials can be classified as glass, plastic, wood, battery, metal, paper, waste vegetable oil, electronics, composite and organic. Zero waste offers many advantages to both living things and nature. Zero waste advantages include preventing waste, using resources efficiently, and reducing the cost allocated for production.

Training Time : 5 min
Language of Instruction : Turkish
Education Type : Personal Development