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Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Meetings are indispensable in business life. With the meetings held in business life, studies are carried out on subjects such as exchanging ideas, making decisions, sharing information, and producing solutions to problems. Effective and planned meetings also affect the efficiency and success of institutions. Therefore, meeting management is very important for institutions. Meeting management is the correct management and control of the meeting before, during and after the meeting.

Employees in business life often attend meetings many times in a day. Employees spend most of their time in meetings. Therefore, meeting management is becoming a much more important concept for institutions. Thanks to the meeting management, it is ensured that the pre-meeting, the moment of the meeting and the post-meeting are managed and controlled in a planned and programmed manner. It is very important for the employees to have detailed information about the preparations before the meeting, and what to do during and after the meeting, by being knowledgeable about the meeting management.

Training Time : 6 min
Language of Instruction : Turkish
Training Type : Corporate Trainings