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What is LMS? Why is it necessary for institutions?

LMS (Learning Management System) is software used to manage, deliver and track educational materials within an educational institution or company. LMS needs to be used in-house for many different reasons:

Storage of training materials in a central place: LMS ensures that all training materials are stored in a central place. This avoids messy storage of materials and provides easy access to training materials.

Management of training programs: The LMS simplifies the management of training programs. Training programs can be planned, followed and evaluated.

Employee progress tracking: LMS makes it easy to track employee progress. Information such as which courses the employees have completed, which courses they have difficulty in, and which subjects they understand can be recorded by the LMS.

Variety of training materials: LMS facilitates the use of different training materials. Employees can access videos, animations, slides, PDFs and other materials through the LMS.

Online learning opportunities: LMS offers employees online learning opportunities. Employees can access training materials whenever and wherever they want.

Automation of learning management: LMS automates learning management. The management of materials, employee tracking and evaluation processes are carried out by LMS.

For all these reasons, the use of LMS is very important for an educational institution or company. LMS enables training programs to be managed more efficiently and effectively and helps employees have a better learning experience.


With Edurey LMS, you can sculpt all these processes quickly and easily.

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