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What is LXP?

What is LXP?

LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is a learning management system that brings together learning content, learning methods and learning technologies and focuses on user experience. LXP can be used to facilitate and enhance student and employee learning.

LXP collects learning content from various sources (video, article, e-book, quiz, etc.) and in various formats (text, audio, video, etc.) and presents it to users. It can also customize learning content according to users' personal learning profiles and needs. Along with learning content, LXP also offers learning methods. For example, LXP enables users to do social learning, using learning content to help students and staff set and achieve learning goals for themselves.



LXP uses learning technologies as well as learning content and methods. For example, LXP enables users to access learning content via mobile devices, uses learning analytics to enable meaningful use of learning content, and adaptively customizes learning content according to the user's learning needs.

LXP facilitates and enhances the learning experience by integrating learning content, methods and technologies. In this way, students and employees learn more effectively and permanently.

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