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Aspect of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Socratic Method

Although artificial intelligence has increased its awareness in recent days thanks to technological innovations, it has been in our lives for many years. It is possible to encounter artificial intelligence technology in many areas of our lives. Areas such as finance, health and security can be considered as sectors where the effects of artificial intelligence are seen. For example, online chatbots, suggestion engines or facial recognition systems can be given as examples of areas where artificial intelligence is used in our daily lives. 

With artificial intelligence, it is aimed to do the work that people would do with computer systems in a very short time. Artificial intelligence, which plays a role in actions such as problem solving, decision making, making suggestions or data analysis, increases efficiency in business processes by preventing possible errors and saving time. In this period, other areas where artificial intelligence will be used continue to be a matter of curiosity. It is considered how artificial intelligence will be used in the education sector and how it will contribute to the field of education.

At this point, what can be the contributions of artificial intelligence to educational processes?

It is thought that incorporating artificial intelligence into educational processes will continue to positively affect the efficiency of educational processes by providing advantages to both students and teachers in many different subjects. It is aimed that students have productive learning experiences by increasing their success by providing feedback, personalized learning experience and assisting in educational processes.

Feedback Opportunity

Artificial intelligence-supported educational processes provide feedback on students' exams, courses or achievements. The provided feedback helps both students and teachers to create a roadmap for the progress of educational processes.

Personalized Learning Experience

With the meeting of artificial intelligence with educational activities, the success of the students in their educational processes, their exam results or their answers to homework questions are analyzed. Artificial intelligence proposes educational materials to the students according to the needs in the lessons. Through personal suggestions, it is aimed to increase the success, productivity and motivation of the students.

Helping Education Processes

Making use of artificial intelligence in learning activities helps teachers in many different ways. He takes part in fields such as artificial intelligence, feedback, analysis, preparation of training materials. It saves teachers time by minimizing the risk of error. It is aimed to make the learning process more efficient with the contributions of artificial intelligence to educational activities. 

As a priority, personal education proposals are made by considering the needs of each student, and the success of the students is sought to be increased. In this way, learning experiences with high motivation to work are provided with the most appropriate training programs developed as the needs and learning methods of each student are different.

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